Ivory Acrylic SnowStorm
Delrin SnowStorm

I have been an avid Snow Goose Hunter since moving to Delaware in 1982.  Some might say I've been obsessive about it!  I have spent a great deal of time hunting them on the water, and more recently as their habits and my access have changed, have become proficient at hunting them in fields.  One thing is for sure, calling works!

If I have a couple other people with me who are good snow goose callers we might throw the wall of sound at them, but generally I am the only one calling and I have found it best to talk to individual geese, kind of like when hunting specklebellies.  Call, wait for an answer, call, wait, call, wait, kill 'em!  Hopefully!

Here in the East, we finally got the conservation order implemented for greater snow geese, so we can use e-callers after all other waterfowl seasons close.  Even if you have an e-caller, there are 4 months of hunting before the C.O. that you still need some sound to convince the birds to come in.  While calling won't work every time, (nothing does really, and its especially true of snow geese), I would feel naked without a call and the bag would be lighter without it.

This is the story of how the SnowStorm came to be:

Back in 2002 I had an urge to try my luck at the World Snow Goose Calling Championship in Texas.  There was one call on the market that made what I considered to be realistic greater snow goose sounds.  But being a call maker, I wanted to blow my own call, except, I didn't make one then.  So, the very week of the contest, I designed, built, tested and practiced until I felt I could produce every sound I would need to kill geese and compete.  Satisfied, I bought a plane ticket and flew to Houston, drew #1 in the first round (often the kiss of death in contest calling, and especially since I had never heard anyone else blow a snow goose routine before) and proceeded to give the judges enough of what they wanted to hear to win every round. 

I went back to defend my title the next year and won the first 2 rounds, but lost the contest in the third round when I gave the judges some of the most righteous low end snow sounds I could muster.  The store was so loud that the judges couldn't even hear me and thought I'd just quit!  Oh well, that's contest calling.  At least I walked away happy with my performance.  James Prince (who won the World's that year) teamed up with me and with both of us blowing SnowStorms, we won the Team Goose Challenge.

Back to the call, it is designed to be realistic from the loudest barks and yelps right down to lowend feeding mummurs.  The only sound I haven't been able to duplicate (though I've gotten close) is that squeaky whistle grey birds make when they are coming in to light.  Of course, at that point, no more calling is needed anyway.

The SnowStorm comes in 2 versions, Ivory Acrylic and White Delrin...