Long Sleeve T-Shirts with front and back ASGC Logos. 

These come in Adult Size Small, Medium, Large, X-Large for $20  &  XX-Large for $22

Long Sleeved T-Shirts
Lanyards - Leashes - Shirts
These products are made of 550 paracord (each strand designed to be 550 pound test) in an array of color combinations using 2 braiding patterns: Cobra Braid (a flat braid for comfort on the back of the neck) and Round Braid (a more flexible braid).   The next several pics show Cobra Braid and color combinations offered.
Single Doubledrop
L to R: Tan/Rust, Tan/Hunter Green, Tan/Black, Tan/Olive
Red/Black, Pink/Black, Pink/Coyote, Blue/Yellow
Charcoal/Black, Rust/Olive, Kelly/Brown, Coyote/Hunter Green
Gold/Rust, Rust/Gold, Gold/Hunter Green
First of all, these pictures show how these lanyards employ both the Cobra Braid and Round Braid.

I strongly recommend attaching both pieces of a two piece call to a loop, so this lanyard is designed for one call.

​Single Doubledrop (as shown) - $19

Single Doubledrop w/ Cord Lock Call Keeper - $20

Single Doubledrop w/ Miniature Wood Call Keeper - $24
Triple Double
​Triple Double - $21

Triple Double w/ 1 Cord Lock Call Keeper (as shown)- $22

Triple Double w/ 3 Cord Lock Call Keepers -$24
Triple Double w/ 3 Miniature Wooden Call Keepers (as shown) -  $36
5 Doubledrop
​Adding a Whistle Drop with Whistle and a Single drop (as shown) on a Triple Double w/ Miniature Wood Call Keepers - $41
5 Doubledrop w/Cord Locks and Small Snap Hooks (as shown) - $31
(without Small Snap Hooks - $29)

5 Doubledrop w/Miniature Wood Call Keepers and Small Snap Hooks - $51
(without Small Snap Hooks - $49)

*Calls NOT included
Extra Doubledrops with Small Snap Hook - $3
Extra Singledrop with Small Snap Hook - $2
Whistle - $5
Extra Doubledrop with Whistle and Small Snap Hook - $8
Leashes are made of the same cord and the same braids to match the lanyards, they are approx. 42" long - $25

Any of the color combinations above can be used for leashes.
​Enlarged Shot of a Miniature Wood Call Keeper....woods will vary with availability.